Trailer Gear.Club

Gear club

Tool on Unity with C# for random position locators (tree, house, rock, plant ...) and move these on the ground

Gear club

Tool on Maya help artist to produce easier and faster as the map2 creation for lightmap and scale it by the volum, or gradient color vertex (here in alpha) by slope and more

Gear club


Game overview:

Gear.Club is a realistic driving experience available on and created by Eden Games. Players get to explore breathtaking landscapes and to compete live with their friends and foes online through unlimited races and championships.


    Currently working on the creation of Gear.Club environments.


  • Creation of whole environments with several still and animated props
  • Optimization work on three environments for all mobile platforms
  • Development of Maya and Unity tools in python, C# for our environment artist team.
  • Concept Art painting